When you try to guess where everyone is going on the enemy team

**Enemy first picks Darius ** _Darius top huh_ **Enemy picks Shen ** _nope. Shen top, Darius is Mid (saw faker do it the other day)_ **Enemy picks Yasuo ** _Hmm... Shen support then? Darius is back top, Yasuo is mid... could be the other way around_ **Enemy picks Lulu** _Uhh... Lulu is the support and Shen is back Top, Yasuo is ADC, Darius is Mid again... now who's going jungle? perhaps a Nocturne pick for the shen ult synergy? I should've banned him dang it_ **Enemy picks Vladimir** {{sticker:vlad-salute}} _??? Lulu is Mid, Shen is Support, Darius is Top, Vlad is ADC and a Yasuo main got autofilled Jungle i guess. I mean who else can go Jungle? _ Game Starts:** Lulu is actually support with Yasuo ADC. Vlad is top and Darius takes predator and goes mid. And for some reason the Shen goes JG with runic echoes and 200IQ full AP build {{item:1402}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3089}} for max shielding on his ult (global gank) to peel the Yasuo who already owns a Lulu as a slave... ** {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} After patch 8.11, for better or worse, I find myself going into games not knowing where the enemy team is going, or where my team is going (as they try to find preferred lane match-ups)
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