Just got banned for scripting. Anyone else have this happen? Never scripted, actually thought they got rid of most of that. Anyway, I tried to contact support and they sent me a copy past saying. "I understand your frustration, but to make things clear this isn't a suspicion on whether or not this account was using scripts. The answer will not change. We are never able to disclose how our systems were able to detect the use of unfair modifications on your account, just know we've done a through investigation into the matter and this ban will not be lifted." I literally am like a silver 4 level 35 and mostly play an ARAM or 2 with my friends. Never have used/downloaded/or even seen anyone using scripts. How can I deal with this? It's literally so out of this world I don't know how to respond LOL. The only programs I even run on this computer are: Drevo Power Console CCleaner MBAM Discord Logitech G HUB
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