Cassiopeia needs a buff...

Well, i've been trying to get her mastery 7 and i've played her mid, top and even support. But i just don't get why she doesn't get any buffs since she's so bad ! Her q doesn't deal any dmg except if you upgrade it, but since her q + arcane comet nerf you don't do that, her w got nerfed too, it doesn't deal any dmg, her e cost less mana... Now what ? It's not enough to kill anything since it's a fucking low range ability and i think the only way to lend her ultimate is to hide in bushes waiting for someone ! Ppl dodge this trash ult so easily, and some other ults are better if you need an aoe stun (annie's r).... So ! I'm playing cass since 3 years now, and i'm devastated by her "rework" on her passive, i try to find an utility to it but it's just a simple nerf, lvl 18 you've 396 movement of speed, and until lvl 15, everybody can actually reach you super easily since you've no movement of speed. Even if you q someone, the mvm of speed buff isn't enough to run away, your w slow isn't instant and people can still use flash and dash if they're fast enough. Anyway, she needs some love, her early is awful, if you go for a mana item, you get out damaged by pretty much everyone, if you don't, you can't kill someone because you run out of mana. The only champion that will build nearly the same as cassio is Ryze, and his abilities scales with ap and mana.... Cass doesn't. Can someone tell me why she's getting ignored since so many years and can't do her job properly ?... I won't talk about how much mr items counter her more than any other ap...
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