Very new player, I really like playing Malzahar, and I would love some tips

I'm an extremely new player, I made my account a decent while ago but I only recently started to get into the game, and I find Malzahar to be my favorite champion. My current strategy is to go either bottom or top lane with my brother, who often plays fighters, and assist them in aggressively pushing, using Exhaust to slow enemies down so he can easily approach and attack them if they flee, and then when my ult is ready, suppress them and let him focus all attack on the suppressed foe in an attempt to wipe them out. This strategy works alright in blind matches, definitely not anything special, is there anything we could do to improve? Would we be better off attacking seperate lanes? And also, what should I buy throughout the match? Any and all advice is very much appreciated, I really enjoy the game so far, I would love to get better at it!
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