Big problem trying to have fun in Odyssey

So I was loving the game mode. Everything about it is fun and fresh. My friend and I were excited when we unlocked our last slot; eager to finally try the full builds we have been theorizing and jumping into Onslaught. Unfortunately, every single game, champ select is a disaster. People demanding everyone do what they want: "All Yas", "4 augments only", "2 augments", etc. As predicted, if these people don't get their way, they flame and even afk. This is more to let Riot know that it is hard for me to do something important with their game mode, have fun. I think it was a mistake to implement the missions how they were, as the incentives are ruining the experience for people who want to play for fun. It is very exciting to see Riot experimenting with modes like this and it shows there is such huge potential for game modes, even future games using their huge unique champ pool. I hope Riot sees and learns from this little speed bump in letting people enjoy their product.
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