People is so sensitive nowadays. You cant say anything anymore.

The smallest thing you say to someone, trying to give feedback, is enough for someone to pretend to be a victim, and accuse you of Flaming. In last game I literally just said "God, Lucian", and he began to say that I was a Flamer, etc. And not only in League... In Twitter, IRL... This happens also. Everyone gets mad, or even depressed, at the minimum/smallest thing. **At this rate, these people, at the smallest obstacle they have to face in life, they'll fall...** And dont get me wrong, Im not defending Flaming, or Cyber bullying, or anything of these. But people should be more Resilient, and learn from Feedback, without getting mad or crazy, or depressed, or pretending to be the innocent victim. And sorry for the english, hi from Spain. Random thoughts I wanted to share Btw...
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