Now promo series can be canceled by dodge ;dddddddddddddd

Fuck this game I am done people who works on this and comes with dumb ideas like this need to get at least high school diploma before lets them get to work. You guys are fucking disgusting just shameful. I had to play with duo trolls playing janna and soraka adc/support who wrote they would feeed I dodged even I knew I would lose -3LP just like most of the people does lost it for trolls but I did dodged as I thought losing -3LP was better then losing promos but here is Riot idea of canceling promo by dodge. Keep helping trolls. Shameful just embarrassing ideas . Get mature people who can analyze their ideas about rank and ranked before they change it so we don't have to lose LP cause trolls. First it was role ranking now this. I actually think riot is trolling itself
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