Do you know why Godzilla is an impossibility?

Besides the fact that it's a radiation mutated lizard, Godzilla is literally too big to actually exist. Every material has a certain compressive strength, meaning, everything can pressed in on itself to a certain point before it critically fails (most likely by exploding and shattering into millions of pieces), and bone is no different. Due to Godzilla's immense size, it's bones would shatter under it's own weight. Now, you might think "Oh, just add more bone, it'll be fine." Well, it doesn't work like that, since the bone itself has weight. The more bone you add, the more weight you add on, and the more pressure you exert on the bone. The only way to truly reduce the amount of weight on any given bone is to disperse the weight over a wider area. This is precisely why dinosaurs with 4 legs could grow to much larger sizes than those with 2 legs. Their weight was distributed over a greater area. Why am I making this post?'s because you could say it's exactly what's happening to League. The game has become too big and too complex for it's own good, and because of it, it's bones, it's infrastructure, is starting to collapse under it's own weight. Now, I am not saying it's because of the number of players in the game that's causing this game to collapse (though, in some other cases, that actually does happen), it's because of just how much 1 area of this game offers. Just look at Summoner's Rift: 141 champions 705 abilities 180 Items (at least) 63 Runes 9 Summoner spells #One Map Which, in itself contains 22 towers (11 on each side) 6 inhibitors (3 on each side) 36 to 42 minions at any given time (18 to 21 on each side) 30 neutral monsters (14 on each side, 2 scuttlecrabs at start of game) 3 epic monsters (1 of which has 4 different variations that spawn randomly, and another "epic" version that spawns at the end of the game) Up to 16 plants at any given time (4 in each "quadrant"), differing between 3 different varieties Have I made my point yet? I know people hate hearing the comparisons, but take a look at Overwatch. 27 heroes 138 abilities (maybe around 15 more if you count for alternate firing modes for guns) 17 maps (6 additional "unique" maps for the "Arena" game mode) 7 game modes (4 official) 6 "seasonal" game modes Now, yes, League has been around 4 times longer than Overwatch has, and, eventually, Overwatch may suffer the same fate. However *at the moment*, not only is Overwatch far simpler, it's "weight" has already been distributed over a large area, with multiple maps and modes. This makes balancing SO much easier. 1 DPS hero performing too well? Just nerf their damage, or increase the cooldown on an ability. Support hero struggling to perform? Just buff the amount they can heal in a period of time. Same goes for maps too. Map favor the defending team too much? Open up a side room for the attackers to maneuver better. League having so much complexity on one map isn't a bad thing, but it is getting to a point to where League is basically impossible to balance. Riot could make 1, small, seemingly inconsequential change to a single champion........and the entire meta could shift. Now, many of you will say "Well, Riot just needs a better balance team then." Thing is.....I really don't think that could solve the issue. League needs it's "weight" to be spread out. It needs this immense complexity to spill over into other areas the game offers, but making that possible seems impossible with where are we now. I hate to say it, but League is in a state of decline.........and I think there is nothing that Riot can do to stop it.
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