Champs to play and not to play if you're bronze/iron

Champs to avoid: Vayne Lee Sin Pant (pant is an early game champ and every match in bronze is 40+ mins, so yeah avoid him cause he falls off late) Bard Rengar Draven Fiora (i dunno why but since the rework i don't remember when i've seen fiora that doesn't fail badly in low elo) Sivir (never seen a fed sivir in bronze/iron) Sylas Azir Jhin (bronze/irons should play more AA based champs) Nidalee Champs to play: Blitzcrank Master Yi Jax Nasus Miss Fortune Mordekaiser Malzahar Warwick Xin Lux Renekton Yasuo Wukong Voli Teemo
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