Game of Thrones No-Spoiler Policy

Hey all! When we made a specific no-spoilers rule for *Endgame*, we got a lot of people requesting the same for *Game of Thrones* and, after eight seasons, we figured this seemed pretty reasonable. So we'll be instituting a heavy no-spoilers rule starting with this Sunday's episode (**May 12th**) ending on **May 26th** at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). This rule will cover all content from the final two episodes of *Game of Thrones*. What does this mean? We'll be removing any spoilers (whether accurate or not) in any thread *that does not have a title clearly marked as a spoiler thread*. We'll be instituting board bans for those who insist on posting spoilers. These will be 7-day bans just to make sure you get the message, and it will count heavily against your track record. Just don't be that jerk, everyone.
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