Completely Random Question: If a Champ's VGU was made today, who would you do?

I mean right now. Who would you do and what route would you take them down? All champs are fair game here; those that haven't gotten one, those that have, and those that are scheduled. Let's just pick a random champ out of the bunch. We play the Mario Kart item jingle and I landed on.... {{champion:131}} Diana! (I used a random number generator and she is what it landed on) I used to play her in the JG, but since I stopped playing that role, I've kind of stopped playing her. Anyways, here's something I would do. (Please don't take this the wrong way Diana mains, this is COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL) I would take Diana down more the "Fighter" Route, (Basing it off how I used to play her in the JG as more of a DPS-style Fighter than an Assassin) rebuilding her kit to be more of a Top-Laner and JG route and cement her in that position. If I can think of any worthwhile Kit Changes, I'll edit and add them as they come. So let's see what everyone else can come up with!
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