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So I'm not a huge fan of the new ranked system (actually created an account in EUW so I could play that ranked system instead), but I feel like it has its upsides too. One problem many people have with it (including me) is that when they get an off-role, they don't care that much because it's not going to affect their main role that much; this leads to a lot of people just leaving the game or running it down mid. However, I do really like the idea of facing someone your skill level if you are autofilled. I was wondering if there is a way to have it so you have the individual ranks, but also a master rank that every game counts toward. The position ranks would place you with people your skill level if you are autofilled, but you would still have a reason to try because it would affect your overall rank. So it would just be like the previous ranked system but with the current placement method. This probably has a lot of issues that I'm just not thinking of because I don't know all the behind the scenes with how everything works, I just feel like it would be a good system if it's possible.
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