So we can all agree Neo PAX Sivir is probably one of the largest scams in LoL history.

I was gonna make a big production post, but fuck it; the title basically says all my thoughts right there. After that nasty Hecarim skin actually went through as a 10 gemstone, loot-exclusive skin despite barely being worth 1350 RP, I legitimately am still just astounded by how much Rito is trying to scam people with this re-release of yet another event exclusive, retired skin. PAX Sivir wasn't anything special, special, just a pretty nice skin with a decent rarity value since it could only be obtained through the corresponding PAX event. But re-releasing said skin as something "new" is as bad as what they did with Championship Riven. If you're unfamiliar with Neo PAX Sivir, here is Riot's official page: **TL:DR**: Either get Neo PAX Sivir at the upcoming PAX West event again or (and here's the kicker) **you can craft this skin for 10 gemstones.** Cause if you don't get this _amazing_ skin now, it's retired as well after the event. (Meaning it can't be obtained through any means.) So worth it, so wow! Just eye-popping amazingness! It's basically the exact same skin; am I the only person who honestly can't think of a single legitimate reason for this skin to even exist?

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