So, Netflix is supposedly going to cast a non-white actress as Ciri for their Witcher show Edit: Just so non-Witcher fans get it. A good actor is a good actor, regardless of their race. I appreciate accurately portraying a character, but non-white Ciri wouldn't be it. Ciri is stated to be white. Her biological parents are stated to be white. Ciri carries the Elder Blood - the genes of elfish sorceress Lara Dorren - within her, and is sought after by several characters throughout the story because of it. Lara Dorren, an Aen Elle elf, was pale-skinned, like other Aen Elle elves, and her descendants take after her. Ciri is the least suitable character for portrayal by non-white actors among the Witcher cast. Remember [Death Note]( and [Ghost in the Shell]( Beside being nothing special as films, they Americanized established and well-received works of Japanese fiction for no reason. If they made T'Challa white in Black Panther, wouldn't that be upsetting for fans of the setting and character? Making her black/Asian/etc. to combat modern or in-story prejudice and racism is also pointless, since the story already deals with such matters. It's an incredibly stupid decision that shouldn't be made.
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