rek sai skin ?

Hello members of LOL community, im sure i am not the only one that mains and enjoys playing {{champion:421}} and also i am sure i am not the only one thats wandering why only 2 skins available .. The eternum {{champion:421}} is something i dont really like because im not a fan of this mecha things, pref to play default sometimes pool party but i dont like the pool party because when you recall the champ dont hiss and thow spit like wild creature from out of this world what it is, reminds me of mutalisk predator and so on.. i was wandering will you do any changes to this champs like any buffs splash arts, add skins (mainly because only 2) some champs have like 20 skins to choose and {{champion:421}} got only 2 and its pretty old champ like eternum {{champion:421}} is 2013 edition, please like sivir got new skin like its above 15 skins for that champ sometimes i cant understand riots logic .. It will be nice to have some skins for {{champion:421}} like dark star, guardian of the sands, xenomorph rek sai, venom rek sai or carnage rek sai something like simiar to spider man venom/carnage but definetly has to be sticking to out of this universe void concept of art
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