Don't be a Girly Man, be an Alpha Male So today I looked up the highest viewed Indi-pop songs on youtube to find some good stuff, and I found this alpha male, Salman Khan. At the same time I went to r/kpop to find some fresh new milk first and I found these hot dudes from NCT 127 with a snappy new joint, Superhuman. Yeah, it's a good song, but they're girly men. And there's a huge difference, you know? These dudes I think, "Wow, these dudes are smokin' hot, no homo, of course." Then I look at Salman Khan and I'm like, "Fuck yeah, this dude is an alpha male. I want to arm wrestle this fucker!" I'm tired of dudes being hot. I want to see more alpha males. I don't want to hang out with girly men with soft skin talking about their favorite tampons. I want to hang out with dudes who are bitching about their wives' and counting how many scars they have. Oh, and Indian girls are the hottest. Not only culturally, but they stay hot and young looking for very long periods of time.
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