Thanks Riot support for cheering up a sad girl

Just wanted to let everyone know there are people in Riot who care. Here is a chat I had with Riot support. I replaced their name for their privacy. > (02:56:26 AM) blookitty: Please review my case. Here is a forum thread I made about it. (02:57:09 AM) *** Riot joined the chat *** (02:57:19 AM) Riot: Heya (02:57:35 AM) blookitty: Hooray! My bf just talked with you (02:57:39 AM) blookitty: He said you sound nice (02:58:17 AM) Riot: awww yay! (02:58:32 AM) blookitty: Can you help me out? If someone who sounds nice like you reviews my game and determines it is intentional, I will have to give up but at least I know I tried my best to get this fixed (02:58:48 AM) Riot: well no promises (02:58:53 AM) Riot: but I wanna look into this gimme a sec (02:58:55 AM) blookitty: Of course, you do what you do (02:59:36 AM) blookitty: look at the forum thread too. There was a nice guy who did an extensive analysis. He even noticed I played only TF for over 100 straight games ;) (03:02:33 AM) Riot: Yea i got it up (03:02:39 AM) Riot: just wanna watch the game too (03:02:41 AM) Riot: sorry might take a bit (03:02:46 AM) blookitty: oh of course that is fine (03:11:08 AM) Riot: Sorry consulting with my team (03:11:10 AM) Riot: might take a bit (03:12:23 AM) blookitty: I understand. Hopefully your team is able to analyze it independently of the first person. The worst part is that I could be banned after just one more bad game :( (03:14:23 AM) Riot: Oof (03:14:26 AM) Riot: Im really really sorry (03:14:31 AM) Riot: But we cant lift this (03:14:36 AM) blookitty: :( (03:14:39 AM) Riot: :( (03:14:46 AM) blookitty: I understand, but it makes me sad. (03:14:59 AM) Riot: Yea i would be too (03:15:03 AM) blookitty: Like if I said mean things in chat or if I powerballed mid like a rammus I get it (03:15:07 AM) blookitty: but I tried and lost (03:15:10 AM) blookitty: and got banned for it (03:15:17 AM) blookitty: and threatened to be permabanned (03:15:32 AM) Riot: unfortunately yea the next penalty would be a perma for feeding :/ (03:15:39 AM) Riot: I wish I had better news here for you (03:15:48 AM) blookitty: I already quit playing riven (03:15:53 AM) blookitty: because this happened 3 years ago (03:15:59 AM) Riot: oh no :( (03:15:59 AM) blookitty: so I only play TF now (03:16:09 AM) Riot: tf is hard for me tbh (03:16:30 AM) blookitty: I try to farm from a distance and if I fall behind I know I have good cc (03:16:37 AM) blookitty: so I am never out of the game (03:16:51 AM) blookitty: with riven once I fell behind it felt like all I could do was die over and over (03:17:30 AM) Riot: Yea getting behind is really really hard (03:17:44 AM) blookitty: I just feel bad because after over 1000 games with TF I am still not good enough to convince everyone that I am never intentionally feeding (03:17:51 AM) Riot: but I think it all comes back down to positioning and making sure you keep working as a team (03:17:58 AM) Riot: :/ (03:18:02 AM) Riot: that feels really bad (03:18:05 AM) Riot: Im sorry man (03:18:19 AM) blookitty: I led my team in farm and many of my deaths were on the last tick of ignite or they would flash and kill me (03:18:34 AM) blookitty: like if I just left the game when I fell behind I wouldn't be banned right now (03:18:41 AM) blookitty: but I tried so hard only to get punished for it (03:19:52 AM) blookitty: I know you tried your best for me, but I feel like this game is only meant for the best players these days (03:20:22 AM) Riot: I wish it didnt feel that way for you (03:20:27 AM) blookitty: champs like master yi and kha'zix snowball so hard on us lower skilled players but aren't nerfed because they aren't good in high ranks (03:20:41 AM) Riot: Yea assassins are always rough (03:20:43 AM) blookitty: even worse is I get banned for losing to it (03:21:22 AM) blookitty: ever since the last time this happened and they were nice enough to undo it upon review, I have only played one champ in order to avoid being banned again (03:21:27 AM) blookitty: but it didn't work :( (03:22:27 AM) Riot: :( (03:22:28 AM) blookitty: My jungler never came to my lane even a single time, but I just grit my teeth and farmed away as best as I could anyway :( (03:22:36 AM) Riot: Yea (03:22:43 AM) Riot: you didnt get alot of ganks (03:22:58 AM) Riot: but it almost looked like you refused to start helping the team in a way (03:23:04 AM) Riot: this is a really rough call (03:23:08 AM) blookitty: I didn't blast out a bunch of chat blaming my teammates, I just tried to keep playing my farming game, hoping to eventually get an ace (03:23:17 AM) Riot: But unfortunately the team determined we cant lift this (03:23:24 AM) blookitty: I tried tele'ing bot lane but I locked the wrong card (03:23:38 AM) blookitty: I feel like if I locked gold instead of red we get the kill and I don't get banned (03:24:05 AM) Riot: Its hard to say what you could have dont differently with a different result (03:24:27 AM) blookitty: if they looked at my other games they would see when I fall behind I try to power farm and use my ult to get a good teamfight (03:24:40 AM) blookitty: but my team was so behind that when I did that, the best we did was kill leona (03:26:30 AM) Riot: Yea im sorry :( (03:26:41 AM) blookitty: I get they can't undo the ban, but I feel like I am one bad game from being permabanned :( (03:27:06 AM) blookitty: I mean I led the team in farm and tried to tele gank with the team multiple times (03:27:11 AM) blookitty: that is what the pros do (03:28:19 AM) Riot: I wish I could help i honestly do but i have no option here as the team has made their decision (03:28:36 AM) blookitty: Can I get someone on the team to offer some advice at least? (03:29:04 AM) blookitty: The blitzbot said "If you are angry with them or want to give up during a hopeless match, /mute all and focus on something else - try to kill the enemy ADC as many times as possible; practice CSing or a weird buildpath" (03:29:15 AM) Riot: Hmm gimme a sec let me get some tips (03:29:19 AM) blookitty: I got the most CS but it didn't help (03:30:04 AM) blookitty: I am just puzzled how leading the team in farm is an offense, especially since I attempted to get away from the enemy whenever they fought me (03:30:28 AM) blookitty: other than Kha'zix coming up invisible, there is no reason to run away from that because I was so far behind (03:31:14 AM) Riot: Inspiration, and socery with unsealed spellbook and all movement speed and sustain runes. If you're behind do everyhting possible to not engage and stay away. Your priority is to focus on not dieing and keep looking for roams. Keep in mind pick a card will start the rotation where you left it off so you can pick your next card easier. Dont forget you can always go to training room and practice too. Sounds like you and your partner play alot together so keep practicing with them. Never underestimate wards too (03:31:26 AM) Riot: Sorry for the word vomit but thats what I got (03:32:15 AM) blookitty: ok I just learned the pick a card one a couple weeks ago from playing experience (03:32:25 AM) blookitty: and i did try to stay away from the enemy (03:32:54 AM) blookitty: that is how I got the most farm (03:33:52 AM) blookitty: and I tried to tele gank to help the team and that was considered feeding despite getting two kills from my ult (03:34:05 AM) Riot: I wish I had more for you :/ (03:34:12 AM) Riot: But im really kinda stuck here (03:34:16 AM) blookitty: unsealed spellbook is interesting, I might try that (03:35:02 AM) blookitty: i feel like it is too complicated of a rune for me though (03:35:24 AM) blookitty: i have a hard enough time just remembering to use my minion dematerializers (03:36:03 AM) Riot: yea but it does give freedom to change as needed too (03:36:09 AM) Riot: so could be complex but might help adapt (03:37:59 AM) blookitty: I'm sorry, I am just sad and puzzled why the team insists I intentionally fed (03:38:13 AM) blookitty: it is like being committed of a crime you didn't do (03:38:24 AM) Riot: im sorry :( (03:38:38 AM) blookitty: even worse I could have just left the game after dying three times and avoided this (03:38:51 AM) Riot: well leaving vould have got you suspended too (03:38:59 AM) Riot: Keep in mind communicating with the team helps too (03:39:07 AM) blookitty: I don't have a chatbox (03:39:12 AM) Riot: So even if you';re doing bad saying lets push tower sor something could help (03:39:14 AM) blookitty: my bf removed it from my game (03:39:27 AM) blookitty: because they would say mean things to me and it would make me not want to play anymore (03:39:33 AM) blookitty: so he removed my chat box a long time ago (03:39:34 AM) Riot: oh (03:39:43 AM) Riot: I can understand that (03:39:49 AM) Riot: yea i would definately stick to premades (03:39:52 AM) blookitty: he normally types for me when I want to lane swap (03:39:57 AM) blookitty: but he was at work (03:40:04 AM) Riot: what about summoner school? (03:40:12 AM) Riot: theyre really good with newer and not so pro players (03:41:07 AM) blookitty: ok thanks, I'll take a look at it (03:41:26 AM) blookitty: yeah I am so used to not having a chat box that I forget what that looks like to people who review my game (03:41:38 AM) blookitty: though if they look at my last 100+ games, they would see I never chat (03:41:47 AM) Riot: ah yea no i get removing it though (03:42:02 AM) blookitty: but my team probably was saying I was intentionally feeding (03:42:09 AM) blookitty: and I didn't defend myself because I didn't see it (03:42:26 AM) blookitty: of course had I saw it they probably would have said mean things that would have made me want to close the game (03:43:01 AM) blookitty: even though I outfarm my bf every game and we have a competition to see who gets the highest grade and I almost always win (03:43:09 AM) blookitty: I didn't think about how much he helps when I play with him (03:43:24 AM) Riot: yea i know its really rough and then you feel like you depends on them (03:43:28 AM) blookitty: he does all the chatting for me, he wards my lane, he counterganks for me (03:43:50 AM) blookitty: like if you look at my match history you'll see I had a 7 out of 8 win streak playing with him a couple days ago (03:44:19 AM) blookitty: and I "outperformed" him every time, but without him I just fall behind and don't get any help from my team (03:44:44 AM) blookitty: I suppose i will just try to avoid playing without him in the future (03:44:48 AM) Riot: :/ (03:44:52 AM) Riot: maybe with friends? (03:45:03 AM) blookitty: I don't have any friends who play league (03:45:13 AM) blookitty: and because I have no chat box I don't make online friends (03:45:28 AM) Riot: :/ (03:45:37 AM) Riot: hmm i know summoer school has a good meet friends thing (03:45:44 AM) Riot: maybe you can make some there too (03:45:53 AM) blookitty: maybe :/ (03:46:24 AM) blookitty: I am just sad because my bf put in to have friday off so we could have a new ranked weekend party for two :( (03:46:29 AM) Riot: awww (03:46:32 AM) Riot: im sorry (03:46:58 AM) blookitty: he feels bad because he was supposed to get out of work earlier yesterday when this happened but they had him stay late (03:47:17 AM) blookitty: i try to tell him it isn't his fault, but he can't help but feel guilty, it is just how he is (03:47:45 AM) blookitty: in the end I guess I should just feel lucky I have him still (03:48:25 AM) Riot: Yea no i get it though. (03:48:35 AM) Riot: Its hard ot not feel responsible when someone you care about is hurt (03:48:39 AM) Riot: just means he cares (03:48:51 AM) Riot: Im glad you guys have each other (03:49:37 AM) Riot: Im really sorry but Im gonna have to head to another chat soon (03:49:45 AM) Riot: Are there any other questsion I can help you with? (03:50:26 AM) blookitty: No that is it, thank you for talking with me. I'll just have to watch and root him on this weekend, although he says he won't play ranked until I am unbanned (03:50:33 AM) blookitty: I'll try to tell him to play anyway though (03:51:01 AM) Riot: Yea sometimes i like just watching my BF play maybe you can help give him pointers to beat you next time :) (03:51:08 AM) blookitty: thanks again for trying your best despite it not working :( (03:51:15 AM) blookitty: I'll try to start smiling a bit :) (03:51:16 AM) Riot: yea sorry i couldnt get it for you (03:51:23 AM) Riot: :) Thanks again Riot support person. Even though my ban didn't get lifted, I feel a lot better. I really needed a shoulder to cry on; thanks for being there for me. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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