Why do the mains subreddits always get toxic/salty when even a minor nerf happens?

Most of the time these small changes are no big deal, but the subreddit will go on and on about how taking 30 damage off an ability will "Kill the champion." As an example r/shacomains was convinced that the nerf to duskblade was going to kill him when he was just getting good, and that riot has no clue what they're doing. Come the patch Shaco is S tier (still). With the coming patch they are changing/fixing how Rageblade works with Jhin's passive so he isn't getting such absolutely absurd amounts of AD from it. A Riot member even came in and explained why it was broke, and that they weren't planning to nerf either jhin or the item, just fixing how the game did the math. Yet so many people were being ultra disrespectful to him for "ruining" their champion. The only subreddit that I haven't seen freak out was the r/Varusmains subreddit during the rageblade changes, but there was still great concern that Riot might have killed him as well. Why do people freak out so much though?
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