Gotta ask any Riot employee.

I know that for the majority of you guys, this doesn't apply. But how does it feel to jump on the boards and see people flaming the shit out of Riot (Rightfully so). When 90-95% of the Riot Staff have no power or say in what gets released, or even touch the content. I have a feeling that somewhere in that 90-95% of the Riot Staff, there are at least 10 - 20 individuals that are like "Eternals is a bad idea." or "That Rework seems really really bad." but with no power to support that thought, just let it pass. Because to me, it seems like the upper management of Riot games has lost touch with A: The Player Base, B: Common Sense. But Hey who knows, because one thing is for sure. NDA knows but won't tell us :D

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