Can we go back to honoring people in the post-game lobby?

I don't remember when Riot decided to make honoring a teammate occur on a completely separate page from the actual post-game lobby but they should change it back. When they first changed it, I had no problem with honoring teammates because the timer on the honoring page was like 30 seconds long. However, since a few patches ago, the timer has been just a few seconds for me. In fact, sometimes the honoring page never shows up for me after games so I have no choice but to honor no one. I have the "close client during game" setting checked and I know that setting increases the time it takes for the client to pop back up after game but that shouldn't prevent me or anyone else who uses it from honoring a teammate. So Riot, can we please go back to honoring people in the post-game lobby? Or at least make it a secondary setting for people who use "close client during game."
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