Riot Needs To Change the S System

I feel like the S system promotes toxicity from players as well as a frustrating system of grading your performance in a match. On to my first point, the S system promotes toxicity. This can be seen by many people in games stat checking themselves so that they can get an S. We can end the game? No, I need to get more cs as well as extra kills. I should group? No, I need to cs, and I cannot put myself into a position to die. It also creates feel bad moments when you do poorly in a game, and then you have to end it knowing you get a bad grade. To my next point, the S system is very frustrating. I do not understand how an S is calculated. You cannot just look at people's stats and K/D/A to see how they performed in a game. Stats do not mean everything, and I think this system creates a double standard. Stats do not matter in a game because it is what you do in the game and how you contribute to your team that matters. However, you need good stats to get that S. I understand that Riot wants to make a system that tells you if you basically had a good game or a bad game, but it is very frustrating to not know how that is determined.
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