Some Ideas I Believe Would Benefit League For The Future.

Refining League of Legends For The Future: 1. Enforce champion roles and positions and remove off roles. 2. Allow the Support role to play in any lane instead of only Bottom. 3. Change how the Jungle works to make it better balanced. 4. Categorize and adjust items so there's a different set of items for each role or position. -- _**Enforce Champion Roles**_ So let's start with the first topic. Every champion is originally designed with one or more specific roles in mind (usually just one). The majority of the time, when a champion makes its way into a role outside of that which it was intended for it's because of one of two reasons: * The champion is stronger in another role because of a balance issue, or * A player is trying something new or griefing. Neither of these are great things from a balancing perspective (as you don't really want major balance problems or griefers), and it's really just better that they were removed from the equation. It's great that players can think outside of the box and find new and exciting ways to utilize champions but more often than not these play styles are unhealthy because they're outside of the initial design for that champion. Thus while the concept isn't something most players are agreeable too, it can lead to much more balanced, healthy, and less frustrating game play. The next few points are all examples of how League of Legends could be further (and more accurately) balanced by locking champions into set positions. -- _**Let The Support Be A Support**_ Currently the Support role is tied down to the Bottom lane, with the ADC. Generally the Support has been viewed in the past as a champion whose job is to provide vision and utility for the team. This has changed a bit over the years, with revamping of Support items and the introduction of newer champions, and now there are all types of different Supports in League of Legends. In my vision of the game however, a Support's general role should not to be dealing damage (as we have now for many Supports), and they also should not be tied definitively to a single lane. Thus, this is finally where "locking" a champion towards a role can show its true power. What I have in mind is to create a new system where Supports no longer require lane minions to gain experience, and do not reduce experience for laners while in a lane. During the match, Supports gain increased EXP over time, regardless of where they are located. This concept was already experimented with a bit with Bard (with chimes around the map), but by taking it a step further, it can be implemented (albeit a little differently than Bard) to the entire cast of Support champions. This will help Supports be able to move around and make a big impact across the map, without having to constantly worry about falling behind in levels. As a final note in this topic, I also believe that many champions that are played as Supports should not truly be Supports. Champions whose job is to deal damage should be assigned a proper lane assignment (Brand and Lux for example). Since these champions will no longer be use able in other roles, champions designed for another role outside of Support naturally would not be included in this group. -- _**Shaping Up The Jungle**_ In the Jungle role, I believe Riot has already began down the proper path, but their current system for the game is preventing them from being able to do a better job at further balancing. Lowering camp EXP and attaching an EXP bonus to the Jungle item was a good move (for what the game has). Similar towards my vision of EXP for Supports however, I also think there is a much better way to adjust for Junglers. For my thoughts on this particular role, any champion tagged as a "Jungler" should not be able to gain lane Experience. Instead of automatically gaining EXP like Supports however, all of a Junglers EXP should come from farming theirs or the enemy's Jungle camps. I do think Junglers should still be able to gain Gold from minions though (the changes that are in place now reducing lane gold are doing well). As opposed to tying the mechanic to the Jungle item, it would be much better to tie it to the group of champions as a whole so they can have a different EXP chart than laners for Jungle monsters, as opposed to giving a certain percentage more on camps. I'd also like to see more mechanics in place to 'deter' laners from taking Jungle camps. With the way League of Legends is (and has been for a long time), when a team starts to fall behind, everyone rallies into the Jungle and starts taking Jungle camps, which leaves the Jungler to fall behind even more than they already were. This will tie in a bit with my next point, but Jungle camps should be much more difficult for a normal laner to take, and Junglers should gain more special stats on their items to help them clear aside from what we have now. -- _**Not All Items Are Designed Equally**_ With this point, I'd like to touch on the advantages of adjusting stats and costs of items for different "roles" and types of champions. As of right now, all items share the same statistics and costs across the board for all champions. This naturally leads to many problems due to a variety of factors. Certain items have already been restricted to prevent abuse, such as Jungle items. Thus, what I suggest to alleviate this issue is to simply adjust all of the items to be slightly different based on the "role" or type of the champion who is purchasing it. With this concept, Jungle items can actually be completely removed from the game, and instead their counterparts can be given different statistics and effects to compensate. As an example, making your first purchase of the game as a Jungle role (let's say you purchase a long sword), will give you the option to pick one of the buffs from either Hunter's Machete or Hunter's Talisman, and on your 2nd purchase you acquire the next one. This can also extend much farther than Jungle items, for example lower cost for items purchase by Supports, or statistical adjustments to defensive items purchased by Ranged DPS. Adaptive items gives a lot of benefit everywhere as items such as Banshees, GA, and Zhonyas which are generally locked to AP or AD champions, would have the ability to be purchased by any champion. Other items such as Sterak's, would no longer require being locked for only melee champions, as the item can be modified with a different effect for Ranged DPS to make it less overbearing. -- _**Conclusion**_ In order to improve League further into the future, I believe that these few things are basically going to be required. These are the four major breaking points of League, which makes the game so unbalanced. While I get that it's not possible to fix everything "overnight", I believe that what I've described here are fairly reasonable solutions and can be done in the nearby future.
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