Can I please have a Riot Employee come justify the difference between my name and Evelynn?

***UPDATE NAME RECLAIMED THANK YOU ALL!!! I can only solve my case with a Rioter on the boards so here I am...I understand that Riot Support can't help me in this case because it is apparently a bigger issue. I am not letting you guys get away with telling me my name is inappropriate but the fact that you keep Evelynn up and running is a fucking joke. So I am here now Riot Games, tell me, what is the difference between my name and the character Evelynn? What makes my name inappropriate but half the slutty quotes and character design outfits that she wears not "inappropriate"? If you guys want this game to be rated teen delete the champion Evelynn or change her completely. If you guys can not be able to justify the difference and not be willing to admit that there is NO difference and they mean the same thing, then you are hypocrites and your entire system is a failure. I have seen so many worse "inappropriate" names on the boards. This is actually so unfair...but I will wait for your response. ā™”
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