Soraka rework by CertainlyT

Here's what I think a Soraka rework could look like: Passive: Your next spell after dashing does 50% more damage and grants 20% movement speed for 3 seconds. Q: Dash forward, then throw the live soraka projectile. If it hits an enemy champion, heal yourself and the nearest ally and cooldown is reset. W: Dash forward, then do True Healing to allies at your location. True Healing cannot be reduced by GW. E: Throw a magic zone that silences enemies inside it. While Soraka is inside the zone, she can reactivate the ability to become untargetable and dash in any direction on a short cooldown. R: Do True Damage to all enemy champions, then True Healing to all allied champions. Also dash forward. Reactivate the ability to dash 3 more times in quick succession. I'm just messing around, don't take this as a hate post.
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