Now they tell us about Honor 0 accounts being able to get rewards if we reach lvl 2 by February??

No no no no no! Riot what are you doing? Did you realize over half the people in gold up aren't eligible for rewards???? I'd be grateful for this myself if my account that is honor 0 didn't decay to gold because I gave up on ranked on it but you waited until the end of season to tell us the "GREAT" news -_- . You know 80% of accounts for sale out there are honor 1 or 0 in gold plus because you've made people think their accounts are worthless for just 1 chat restriction that probably doesn't even have hate speech or racist remarks? My account was lvl 1 because I called some one a rtrd once and told the teams to report the afk. You think you're doing us a favor but to those of us that were plat or higher but thought we lost out on rewards and gave up on our mains are screwed because now we're probably decayed or just gave up and got the account 14 or 25 day suspension because whats the point!? I have friends that got honor 0 and just said screw it and started just trolling on their accounts because there's no reason to even try since it takes lik 8 months just to get to honor 1. You need to realize the biggest thing ruining your game is your over reactive punishment system. The only reason people play is to get season rewards but they get to honor 1 without even a warning and then they give up. Either give " if you continue to be toxic or afk you will be demoted to honor 1" warnings before stripping people of their rewards or make the system less harsh. especially on people that are just doing friendly banter. I remember when I could call people all types of names playing around for a whole season and get rewards. But now you're making it too easy for people to get other people punished because they had a bad gamer or pissed them off in a game and especially if it's a premades in norms or flex. Please get your game together when it comes to this. Get rid of chat or tell people to stop being little babies. And to those of you asking how many people "reform" from this. You should be asking for the number of players that are eligible for rewards in the first place. I bet you it's ALOT lower than you think it is buddy. There's a reason they're doing this. They don't want the stigma of their game being toxic but when you can't give at least half the players rewards because of toxicity how are you going to get rid of that? Just more to go along with this. I don't want pity I want riot to realize there's a problem with their system. "I"ve lost honor level 5 from one game where i was asking people to report the teammates running it down mid and the other people being toxic. I log in and see chat restriction and in the description it shows 1 game. I look it up and they had bee playing and trolling in norms as a 4 man looking at their past matches on I send in a report to riot support and they say they will look into it but I cannot know the results. I'm still not honor 2 and lose everything. and this is not the only time this has happened to me or a friend."
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