Go ahead and ban me Mods.

But you know sure as hell you're being biased when "Behold the shamefaced Conservative; himself so uncomfortable with his draconian views that even he has to walk them back a bit by assuring us that he is in fact a Feminist." This part is apparently okay and the comment wasn't taken down. "I've already said, if I took one of those political tests, I'd probably lean democrat or left or whatever you want to call it. What's so draconian about actual equality and not just this biased view where only women and people of color can be prejudiced against? I have no issues with a women trying to join a male dominated field. But what I do have a problem is them doing that by being blatantly sexist against men. But the truth is you have so many "feminists" parading around that actually just want preferential treatment. One of the things you always notice is how they go around asking for more women in corporate [...] [...]" This was me correcting him that I'm not conservative and was. Even though in your own words "You seem to be under the mistaken impression that someone else misbehaving somehow excuses your violations of the boards rules. Should you continue to do so, your content will be removed, same as we would with anyone else who was behaving similarly." Edit: PS, if you want to know what the rest of that quote was, it was about how the call for equality is always for corporate, cushy, office jobs, but never for things like Construction work, sanitation, or coal mining. Or for jobs that are primarily female such as nursing and teaching.
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