{{champion:50}} SWAIN NEEDS A REWORK{{champion:50}}

{{champion:50}} First of all Q-W-E and the second part of his R are burst skills that means he need's to stack a lot AP to deal that burst or you will deal no damage. He suppose to be top drain tank. When you are drain tank you need Damage Per Second and he is a burst melee mage.And he suppose to be late game pick. And he's early mid game because you have to build road of age hour glass and liandrys like a drain melee tank, your base AP is super low. So you deal no damage late game. Your skills are low missile speed and easily can doge and you need a full CC team so you can pull and be useful . Late game all other mages or ADC out range you -one shot you and tanks out tank you and more damage than you because the have runes and items (sunfire,thormail,aftershock,iceborn and high base damage skills that scales with their stats) . You mixed a melee burst mage with low mobility- high mana costs- big cool-downs and one skill that drains! All we know the burst damage is hard to balance . The stacked HP does nothing because it stacks late game and the higher elo you are less souls you get plus the drain hp/dmg is low for drain because you have the second part of his R that deals 0 damage ,you have max 350 ap at 30 mins. The old Swain was a drain tank! The old Q+E+R was a damage per second skill while E buffs all his skills ( plus DEATH FIRE TOUCH(now he dont have a rune that fits)) . That's why the ROA liandrys worked on him and he could deal dmg. Bring back his old Q and make his new E to buff all his skills like before.And he's R burst make it 1.5 AP ratio you can't stack a lot AP any ways OR bring back the old R with 20 seconds CD that you should control your mana and more drain HP/DMG. Now he have 2 power spikes level 3 and level 6 after that his damage is almost the same. That's why he is a support now , he deals early damage for lane and mid late game he just pulls,give vision and slows with hextech GLP-800 and twins shadow. {{champion:50}}
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