Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact another Rioter was fired

Compared to this, in my book, DZK is just a distraction. We know from the leaked chat that Riot was initial backing DZK, much like the other Rioter who was fired stated in a tweet. This was all, of course, before the turbine thing. So, who was the other Rioter? Person's name is Mattias Gustaf Lehman, which leads me to say that's he's Riot GentlemanGustaf, but we'll say Gustaf for short. Now really, you should be asking, "Why the heck was he fired? What did he do? No one was complaining about him." I couldn't be because he agreed with DZK, because Froskurinn is still a caster, and, honestly, Gustaf's tweets were pretty respective and he wasn't harassing people. As you can see below, nothing that looks bad: https://twitter.com/MattiasLehman/status/1037220632973504512 Instead, there's 2 reasons that are much more plausible. As you can see, linked to his twitter account is his page on the news site Medium. On Septermber 2nd, he wrote an article titled, ["Riot Games Must *Be* Better"](https://medium.com/@Mattias.Lehman/riot-games-must-be-better-abb7619d6374), which talks about racism and other issues in Riot Games. The other being this tweet (below) where he talks about unionization. https://twitter.com/MattiasLehman/status/1036783513016709121 I'm actually disappointed at the lack of heads turning to wonder why Gustaf was fired. He was a good man. He was one of the first, and perhaps only, Rioter(s) who spoke out against the state of the game being shit around 10-6 months ago.
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