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_**Fiddlesticks**_ wave clear nerfed (Mid nerfs) (150% damage to minions removed) _**Master Yi**_ extra damage on minions removed, making him extremely weak in terms of split pushing. **Wukong **mid nerfed, but also top and jungle, his q deals 10 damage at lvl 1, until u upgrade it so it deals 30 damage, wich doesnt make any sense, because you have to max e, but idk some gold/plat hardstuck players said it's too broken. _**Taliyah**_ jungle buried to the ground due to her q dealing half damage to monsters. (She has 60% winrate in mid now, LOL) _**Galio**_ mid nerfed, basically his damage on q wich was to clear waves fast, is nerfed. Every midlaner who are now supps aka: **Brand Malzahar Vel'koz Zyra ** Incoming champs going to be nerfed so they can only play one role: Karthus jungle Irelia mid I feel like everytime time some players discover something interesting, like karthus jungle or taliyah, or something off meta wich becomes super strong, riot just guts that sht to the ground, if riot keeps like this, all champs won't be able to play 2 roles or more, why is that? why riot doesnt just let the things the way they are?
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