man, i wish i wasn't so darn racist yup, that's me racist ol' Old Ways should someone get banned and labeled a racist for saying nigba apparently i should because i didn't even say the N-word not even close, no 2 ge's no e r at the end didn't even say the innocent version said by some of my peers, though it hits at it but i did not say the word, i'm tired of me and other people being labeled racist for saying something my parents and grand parents have been saying since the 70's no its not racist, when you put an er at the end that's racist and extreme measures should be taken, I've been called a cotton picking N-word that should be lynched (yes he said the whole word) by an enemy ekko (ironic) but i got no justice he continued to play games and is not even banned and I've had someone tell me to go and off myself for saying caitlyn's ult should not be blocked by yasuo's wind wall and it should break his shield same with nami's ult but that's a different story don't come for me and ban and accuse me of being a racist just because of an assumption Mr and your plat 3, 30% winrate behind is needing contacts or glasses or something because in one of your games you died and aggressively pinged the adc like it was his wrong doing but u wanna issue reports bans to people on the boards saying a word that doesn't even mean anything i didn't even say the word or have history of say the word and you want to go strait to ban, hello? if you personally didn't like it you should deleted it and say "i don't agree with your comment that didn't include any profanity or racist remarks but it rubs me the wrong way and i cant handle stuff like that so i'm taking it down" riot, your employees need to chill. in you interview one of your questions should be "can you chill" if they say no don't hire them! and if you do think that's ban worthy then you should log off the internet now because you ain't seen nothing yet this community is full of sensitive pansy's, man its sad and annoying you cant say anything without getting banned for something stupid
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