Riot, we need to talk about client stability

Ever since the update to the new "webby" client, I have seen more crashes and hangs of not just that client, but also the game client itself. I have had more instances of the client freezing in the past 3 months than I had in 5 years beforehand. Additionally, the attempts at hardware acceleration fail (on a 1070ti) and regularly render entire portions of the window as if they are underneath thin wax paper, shimmering and blurry. DIsabling hardware acceleration makes that go away, but I am not convinced that the need to do this isn't connected to the general crashiness I have experienced. Forum warriors: I already did the reinstall/repair options and tried a half-dozen other suggestions I have seen here or elsewhere, so spare me the responses holding me somehow responsible for buggy software. Also, leaver penalties after a crash. Put simply: if your client crashes and I am the leaver, you need to not reduce LP. You have the client set up in such a way that it knows it crashed and that the crash wasn't some kid mashing alt-F4 or killing the process. At least once a day (week?), if we have that sort of crash, we need to be given a mulligan on LP loss. Obviously it can be given a long cooldown to prevent abuse. But what feels bad is trying to frantically recover your session only to finally get back in and see you got voted off the island. I opened a bug report about this months ago. It hasn't improved, and has in fact gotten worse. I'd like to get feedback from Riot as to what their plan is to #FixLOL.
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