About this entire PAX thing, with Riot and the community

Someone has to say it. #You guys are overreacting Seriously, look at yourselves from an outside perspective. For the past like 2-4 days, this forum has constantly been only about this. And FOR WHAT? FOR A FUCKING PANEL BEING FEMALE ONLY FOR A FEW HOURS. How is this any different from girls that scream RAPE just because a guy says "hi" to them??? Its overblown and exaggerated. Like all the all the things SJWs did were boiling down in you guys and then finally, you exploded. Was what riot did a good idea? no Their employee was acting like an asshole about this whole situation? yes Does it deserve the outrage generated? no Its hard to take you seriously at this point honestly. And to be fair, I sort of agree with riot keeping silence on this whole matter. After all, regardless of what their choice will be if they will speak up, you will keep complaining and hammering on them. Probably the best choice they can do as a company right now is simply to defend their employees (yes, despite them being wrong and making a mistake). As it will show the company cares for people working there and is willing to protect against the "reddit mob". Mobs are never a good thing!!! Next, riot is a private company. They have the right to "discriminate" to some degree. And you? you are its clients, you are its customers. You also have the right to purchase their products, show your support or critisize the company. However, ITS JUST ONE FUCKING PANEL AT ONE FUCKING EVENT. There are Girls only schools, are you going to boycott those too? There are Girls only bathrooms, are you going to call sexism on that too? Oh, girls only hotspring areas, you going to break into that as well? While I don't particularly agree with them taking the side of feminism and sjws and political correctness. They did that, and its fair to criticize them for it. BUT THAT CRITICISM MUST BE AROUND THE SAME LEVEL AS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. And again, its one panel for a few hours. Its not worth the outrage generated. You are only making yourselves look like fools, the community as a whole looks like a bunch of triggered morons. And the worst part of it all, is that you guys are right, riot did fuck up, riot did make a big mistake. But the way you blow it up of proportions is simply just destroying your case. And for people watching from outside, it looks like just childish behavior. Which, funny enough, will make a lot of people support that daniel guy. A similar behaviour can be observed with all the media attacks on trump and his popularity being there preciselly because the attacks exist. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every action has an equal and opposing reaction. If you guys are having a higher than normal "reaction" to riot's sjw "action", you are just encouraging their "action" to become bigger as well.
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