Missing out on the 10 year anniversary :(

This question goes out to any Riot employees. The other day i was not able to login to collect the reward for day 1 of the 10 year anniversary gifts due to a massive storm taking out the power in my area. The entire northern east coast went through a huge storm and i only just got internet/power again this afternoon. And the thing is i'm kicking myself because yesterday i was logged in to league until around 1 am but figured i would be fine to come back later that day to collect the reward. I know that day one's gift is probably only a summoner icon but even still, i actually love the summoner icons because it's a nice little memento to have. Any who if there's anything that can be done i'd greatly appreciate it. i know i'm not the only one who suffered from the storm. Thanks again, and happy 10 years.

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