Can we get a function in the client that Emails us when a rotating gamemode is live?

I'm not really having fun in the game anymore and I feel the best times I had in the game was when I was playing a gamemode that was at least fun AND unbalanced - rather than just the latter. If you could add a function that would email me when a rotating gamemode goes live and what the gamemode is so I don't have to log in every 5 days to see that its the 45th week in row without a gamemode, that would be nice. Also if you could make it to where we could select what gamemodes we care about that would be great too. I'd rather not be bothered when something garbage like Blood Moon or Doombots is released as I'm looking to have fun, not get stomped by 1 tricks and overpowered AI. Thanks again, See you in 5 days.
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