No Riot, I will definitely not recommend the game to anyone at this point.

I will 100% respectfully not recommend League for any friends of mine. Here are 3 reasons why and I kept repeating them to some people since they are the most relevant to me. But here we go. The community is even more toxic than in the previous years, there is not an effective ban system in function (the one working in the present is inefficient) and many inters, trolls and so on are roaming the game freely and ruin many more games until finally, they receive some sort of punishment. Then there is the balancing. A complete joke and disrespect to the players that want to have fun and play strategically at the same time. The game in its current state is not entertaining, feels like I get anxiety whenever I play unfortunately (since season 8 to be precise) and I have no idea how Riot employees (the majority or I don't know, not specifying on people) think that damage is the way to go for this sort of a game. LoL is dying and I give it maximum 3-4 years until the loyal player base will finally be gone. And I am part of that base. Many left, and many more will soon start giving up if nothing will be done. We (the players) expected to see some considerable tunning down of the damage introduced in season 8 for the preseason of season 9, yet besides the turret plates, no significant change. And finally, not many Rioters seem to use the Boards, where so many useful topics about the game, especially balancing are being created every once in a while. Many say it is a dumb hole filled with salty people. Well yes, we are salty because WE LOVE THE GAME, AND NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN TO US. There are more reasons for why it is not worth to even consider the recommendation to people you know. But yeah, guess it doesn't matter too much for Riot. They are probably thinking of which champions to buff next for a future skin release. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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