Found an actual duo exploiting getting pairedin opposing teams in high elo

So we had a darius top and they had a jax top, our darius would let jax freefarm (literally he let him kill all the wave while emoting and then jax would do the same) and he would ask for ganks, now when our jungler ganked top our darius would pretend he's going to use his skills on jax but he just stood there emoting while jax killed our jungler then kept letting him farm... Afterwards on "teamfights" he would hit anyone but jax while the fed farmed jax would kill us all and then he's jsut stand there emoting while the jax killed him after killing us all. found them twice already, enemy team refused to report either of them for whatever reason sigh. this was on another region hence the account i'm posting from in case anyone's wondering
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