Match Making question. Might be more of a rant.

So I've only just made my placements. In 80% of those games i was playing against gold players. Didn't do so hot but they never bumped that down, So they place me in Bronze 2. I'm fine with that but my first game after placements Riot goes and puts me against gold 4 players. I'm sorry but are you guys as stupid as you seem ? What is this bullshit, you just put me through this shit in placements and i got rolled so you think its cool that you just do it again ? does someone actually work on this and think that's OK ? they had 4 gold 4 plays on their team the highest rank player on my team is silver 1 and i mean that's not far off there but they are almost 2 divisions above me. It's clear to see that riot and the people who work there don't have brains and cant manage anything. Last but not least who ever though Swain's Q should go through minions and do full damage your a full blown dip shit. So in the end what is the largest difference that I should be playing against not what I just got put though i hope.
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