I Hate The Disrespect For Low Elo Players

Everyone just completely disregards low elo players. They act like they have no clue what they're saying all the time. Why do we have to be so fucking ridiculed? We all play the same game, so why are the better ones worshipped as godly figures, but the vast majority are ridiculed, memed on, and not taken seriously at all. Just because we're a lower rank than you, doesn't mean that our opinions are completely worthless. Sure, we may be worse, but that doesn't mean that we don't know basic shit about the game. I feel like whenever high elo or pros say something, everyone agrees, but when anyone gold and under says jackshit, they just get completely flamed for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ekVQNq3RY&t=73s 1:12 mark Oh, Tyler says that Talon is the most broken champion? Would you look at that, he just stated an objective fact and everyone agrees! But a bronze 2 player loses lane to Talon as Lux and then rants about how Talon is broken, stating valid points like how his roam potential is too high and W waveclear is too good with Tiamat? bAhAhAhAhAhA yOu'Re TrAsH gEt bEtTeR aT gAmE lUx eZ bEaT TaLoN eVeRy tImE hEhE XD yOu'Re tRaSh Oh, Dyrus says he's leaving due to his lack of interest in the game? Dyrus we'll miss you cri you were a legend among us. A gold player quits because of the same reason? AHAHAH YOU'RE FUCKING GARBAGE YOU DESERVE TO BE CAST OUT YOU PIECE OF GOLD SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8AJ2RBpEqM&t=3s Hashinshin spends time ranting about Zoe? Wow guys, let's actually nerf her W, I think he's got a point! But a silver player says she's broken because she has a big bubble that can travel across an entire lane if it's behind a wall? RETARD YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT TRASH LMAO STFU MORON. And I get that high elo players are generally better. But that doesn't mean that the vast majority of the ranked community are all dogshit.
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