Format Idea: (Solo Queue) Blind Ranked

Preface-So after ranking an alt account, I'm noticing disparities in skill amongst teammates and enemy teammates. I know part of it is because of auto-promos and the game fishing to see where I fall. After losses I check stats of players to see where the game is putting me and I notice the games I lose are against gold teams, about where I am on my other account. What is interesting is those same games where I suspect the matchmaking is trying to pair skill, the golds I get on my team are on lose streaks, basically tilted; or playing new champs/roles; or clearly a smurf account either in promos or auto-promo'ing like myself. I'm usually higher in ranking/skill ranking, but I play support, while my counterpart may have a solo/carry lane. I think to myself, wouldn't it be great if teams were more evenly matched down to the role/player/champ? Where, if I had an adc in lane that was green, I would know theirs was as well, but that their support was on my level. What if there was a queue, where you could select your role and champ ahead of time? Based on your mastery of that champ, your role, recent performance ratings, honor votes, etc., would determine your matchmaking. You select your role; you select your champ and say, two alt champs for that role; you get one blind ban. These are all chosen while in the "find match" screen. Once you are put in queue and selected for a match, you have a brief period to see your team, arrange masteries, etc. In the unlikely event that all of your champs were banned, you would be returned back in queue, just as if someone hadn't clicked to enter the match. There are many potential benefits to this: faster games, more accurate assessment ability, more equal teams, and matches that reflect the attitudes of the players more closely, resulting in less trolling and toxicity. With solo queue in mind, it solves a great deal of complexities that are mucked up with solo/duo queue, namely being limited to a format for multiple players when you are an individual player. Let's face it, there is no community in game. There is no "trade chat". There is no LFG. Unless you are playing with an RL friend or you happen to luck into finding a partner you play well with, you're playing solo in a format with the possibility of partners with coordination. Due to it's design, it is plagued with problems for the sake of functions that just aren't utilized by your average player (or at least this average player) who just wants to play alone, only wants to play one role, only wants to play one champ, and basically wants to do their thing and be allowed and enjoy doing it.
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