If your first thought when you saw Yuumi was "Wow, I can attach to my ADC!"...

... then you went into this champion's release with a bad mindset and the wrong idea. Yuumi is one of the most interesting releases in a while if nothing else, just for the fact that she can essential revert nerfed abilities to their prior damage numbers. This champion isn't about bot lane, and if you're an ADC who is bothered by her being in a different lane, then I got bad news for you. Meta might be changing and you're in for a rude awakening if you think that champion belongs in bot lane. So communicate, find out where your Yuumi is going, and pick smart if you're going to be on your own. It isn't going to be anyone else's fault when you pick Kog'Maw and get camped. Yuumi is a damage buff and there are many better places for that than bot lane. Time to drop the attitude, stop complaining, and adapt.
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