A legit ban. No sarcasm. Just wanted to share.

Game 1 In-Game TheRageShadey: junlger is trolling TheRageShadey: Look at their name. TheRageShadey: they banned my pic in champ select. TheRageShadey: cause you banned my champ and are trolling TheRageShadey: but that's ok TheRageShadey: because i don't go tank TheRageShadey: nah she got the early double gank and i can't do anything now. TheRageShadey: i have no jg. TheRageShadey: it's too late top is gone. TheRageShadey: jg bans my champ and blames me when i get ganked. TheRageShadey: sad TheRageShadey: sorry tal you can't jg TheRageShadey: maybe if you ganked it would have been better. TheRageShadey: tali too strong after ganks and tali refuses to gank top TheRageShadey: how did you die taliah? was it 2v1 too? TheRageShadey: you wanted to be toxic in champ select TheRageShadey: she flashed on me v.v TheRageShadey: under tower and no gank from jg TheRageShadey: why are you not ganking tali? TheRageShadey: do you not know how to? TheRageShadey: you said you were but didn't TheRageShadey: almost like some people like to tilt. but it's in your name so i understand. (Their name is literally Tilt Streak.) TheRageShadey: im enjoying myself. TheRageShadey: what do you mean? TheRageShadey: im having fun TheRageShadey: but you don't want to play nice TheRageShadey: so it's not a team game anymore and that's making it hard. TheRageShadey: and who do i play? TheRageShadey: wow are you blind? if so i understand why you can't jg now. TheRageShadey: but you keep talking? TheRageShadey: then you aren't "gucci" TheRageShadey: you wanted to troll and ban my champ and not gank for me. TheRageShadey: so i can't win lane. TheRageShadey: see nunu is top now too. TheRageShadey: see veigar ganks and he is mid TheRageShadey: trollers do enjoy trolling TheRageShadey: wow. you are blind. TheRageShadey: i was 1/11 TheRageShadey: but it's ok TheRageShadey: that's hard to believe since that's not what i said. but ok TheRageShadey: pretty sure i said nunu is ganking top and talia said they won't gank TheRageShadey: but gg Post-Game TheRageShadey: honred veingar though TheRageShadey: sadly with no jungler ganks i can't do much TheRageShadey: better luck next time taliah TheRageShadey: go tilt someone else now. TheRageShadey: cause that don't work on me. TheRageShadey: X3
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