PSA:Anime is bad for you

anime is bad for you, all of the underaged girls in skimpy outfits corrupts your mind and turns you into a social reject and a psychopath. weebs like to say "my waifu is pure and would never betray me!" but guess what kid, she isn't pure, and she's already betrayed you, because just like real women she ate your wallet when you paid $100 for a pillow with her picture on it to hold at night since she isn't real. you weebs have been brainwashed by anime into thinking that a girl that doesn't exist and has no way of ever loving you actually cares about you, and you spend more money on these fake girls buying posters and pillows and dolls than most men spend on real women, and then you say that your "waifu" is better than a real girl just because they don't make fun of you for being a weeb, but guess what, if your "waifu" was real she'd probably still think you're a loser for watching anime.
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