Riot is celebrating their 10th year anniversary and hook hitboxes are still broken

I have played this game since season 2 so I have literally every hook champion be released. While some are understandibly bigger like Naut and Blitz, I still do think the hitboxes need to have considerable work done on them to differentiate when a hook should hit, and when its clear someone dodged it. Im going to leave two examples that prove my point. In the first picture you can see where Thresh hook is going and clearly that I am not only out of the way, but behind a minion []( Not only does the hook travel OVER the minion, it also wraps around the damn minion and still hits me LOL This one, while a bit harder to see cause I was in a bush, I was clearly out of the way of the Blitz hook. In the next picture, the hook literally changes trajectory and makes contact some how. I understand that hook champions are suppose to have a significant skill cap, but when the hitboxes are not proper, it adds an insurmountable level of not being able to outplay them.
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