Kindred Feels like wasted potential.

all of kindred's voice lines, teasers and even artwork feels so very different to what her kit actually is. They are the incarnation of death and are described in such a clever way, you only see them within the last moments of your life where you given a choice, accept death and lamb will grant you a peaceful end, deny it and wolf mauls you to demise. The lamb can feel emotions but cannot express them, The wolf cannot understand them but only acts on hunger. I feel that kindred's current kit achieves none of this and its such wasted potential. I understand that this set up is kind of difficult to a make a kit with but that only forces the designer to get more creative and create something amazing. I'm not trying to trash kindred's designer or say their current kit is bad (although i do think it's a little messy) but it just kinda sucks to see this amazing character design be put to waste. I'd write a few ideas I have but i don't want to make this too long or it will turn people off of reading this.
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