Eternals : Really Riot!?

/dev: Exploring Eternals
Hey everyone! Eternals, our new champion-based achievement feature that lets you showcase personal accomplishments for your favorite champs, is heading to PBE for release on 9.17. You can read all about how to unlock and equip Eternals in the FAQ.
-So I just read up on the Eternals and for the most part, it was looking pretty cool. Not something that excited me in the slightest but a little something extra to do, being rewarded for playing your favorite champions. Nice. Then I saw that you had to pay for it. RIOT said they have been working on this for what? Half a year now? I understand a company's need to want to make a profit off of something that required a lot of work- but this isn't the right way to do it. Maybe the RP won't be ridiculously high- maybe, it will only be like, 100 RP per champion? Of course there will be people who buy this stuff, but for the majority, I think, will laugh at it and never make a move to purchase it. -But who am I to talk? I probably won't buy it, so why would I be upset and complain about it? I think its the implications this could have in the future. This ain't how you do business, not for a community friendly game like League of Legends. I think this will hurt RIOT more than it helps them. -What are your thoughts and opinions on Eternals?
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