Returning players opinion on Aatrox changes.

TL;DR Aatrox is Riven with more steps. At first I was like huh so he is riven now but then i realized he had a lot of stuff lacking that riven had innately. First thought oh he cant move with his Q so thats already a worse riven right there cause she can move and cc on the last hit but aatrox can cc with each one in varying ranges then i learned you can use his e to move while casting his Qs so I thought ok thats fair I guess but riven gets a shield with her E that moves her a small distance but he gets charges so fair trade off I suppose plus it heals him for part of the dmg delt. W is just a flat out worse riven skill its a skill shot that slows but gets blocked by mobs and doesnt activate the second part if it hits a mob. Though if it hits someone it slows them and has a chance to pull them back in while riven just has a flat out aoe stun. Then Aatrox has his R which scales 5% higher than rivens for the bonus ad but doesnt get the execute power with it instead trades that for a rez which is an alright trade off. So overall I think Aatrox just from the descriptions alone he is just edgey riven with more work to be effective.
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