Any KH (Kingdom Hearts) Fans on GD? I was just curious to see if there were any fellow KH fans on here that might want to discuss any of their concerns about it or other games in the series, or even just to simply relate their excitement for the long-awaited Third entry in the franchise NO-ONE would have thought would take off as well as it did. Even if said entry is still 4 months away from release at this time of writing (Knock on wood that Nomura doesn't delay it any MORE, considering how much they were claiming for the longest time that it would release in 2018). I'll start by voicing some of my own concerns for KH3, and some misgivings I had about other titles in the series. While the idea of the Keyblade Transformations is really cool, I have this sneaking fear that with how much they talk about it, they will replace the Combo attacks seen in KH1 and KH2. Heck, there are so many more abilities you are supposed to have access to. The Attraction Flow, the aforementioned Keyblade Transformations and others I'm probably forgetting, that I fear the standard combo attack method of fighting will be left in the dust. Sure, one could say the "Spam X" method of doing it (because of how the Command Menu was set up in KH1 and KH2) was basic and easy, there were some intricacies still to those simpler methods of combat. KH1 had the abilities activated by that 4th, Unassigned option on the Command Menu (In the original version, 1.5 puts them in as Reaction Commands, IIRC) like Ars Arcanum, Raganrok, Trinity Limit and such. KH2 had those Action Abilities like Guard Break and Aerial Finish that would introduce newer, more powerful attacks into the combos. There were abilities like Horizontal Slash and Upper Slash that allowed you to use the Square Button mid-combo to knock your target into the air (If they were light enough) or if they were already airborne, hit them left to right with powerful slashes. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm hoping, HOPING that THAT particular method of Combat hasn't been done away with and replaced with all these other fancy doodads and powers. Heck, some of the ideas seen in other hack-and-slash games could work in KH. The timing on attacks in Devil May Cry resulting in different combos for the Style points (Not saying the STYLE system in KH, I mean the timing on attacks resulting in new combos), or the Light/Heavy Attacks being assigned to different buttons of the Ninja Gaiden games after the 2004 reboot and the games that followed it. I haven't played God of War, but I'm sure GOW fans could find something in there that could potentially work in the KH battle system. **** Next I'll voice some misgivings I had about other entries in the series. Now let me preface this by saying that I am NOT SAYING THESE WERE BAD ENTRIES IN THE SERIES. I enjoy them and have played through them a number of times, in fact. These are just some things I've noticed that bother me when I do play them. While no offense is meant to those that may have liked it, I personally did not care for the Command Deck/Deck Command system used in games in the series like Birth By Sleep, Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance. It once again rendered the basic combo attacks to be very ineffective, and you, in essence, have to rely heavily on those commands in your Command Deck to really be able to do your damage. Heck, Flowmotion in KH3D (Based on my experience with the version on PS4, I was too much of a cheapskate to play the original version on 3DS) was kind of broken. Just spam Shock Dive enough times and you could beat almost anything. Let me elaborate by looking at the first entry that had this setup, Birth By Sleep. I was hoping, based on the descriptions each of the three playable characters had, you would unlock Action Abilities akin to the ones I mentioned above from KH2 that would unlock new attacks within a particular character's standard attack combos. I'm not saying that there weren't any in the actual game; Aqua had her Teleport Dodge, for example. It's just the ones they did have in there seemed a little... lacking, IMHO. Take Terra for example. He's supposed to be the slowest, but hardest-hitting of the 3 playable characters (Kind of like a Juggernaut in LOL, but I digress). Something they could have done is have him unlock Action Abilities (Like the ones from KH2 that I mentioned) that would give him new, varied attacks or combo finishers that would properly incorporate that slow, hard-hitting style he is supposed to have. Then for contrast, there was Ventus; he's quick, but is meant to be the weakest hitting of the three. His Action Abilities could have incorporated that speed that's supposed to be part of his design. Anyway, I was just curious to see if there were other KH fans on here and if they wanted to talk about their hype or concerns for the wondrous slam-jam finale to the Xehanort/Dark Seeker Saga that is KH3.
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