If You Could Meet Any Champion, Who Would It Be?

With the plethora of champions that make up the League Roster, and all their given backgrounds, personalities, abilities, and stories, who would you meet? Personally, I'd love to meet Karma. Given the memories and thoughts of countless past lives, she's a wealth of human experience, and a scholar at that, being taught by Ionian monks to become a spiritual leader. However, overall, she's a survivor, and a leader, forcing herself through her reluctance into a war, fighting and taking lives, and left questioning the concequences. While her personal struggles make mine look more like happy accidents, I feel like out of all the champions, she could give me the best advice, on anything I could ever ask her. Though, she's still kind of fighting with her past lives, so I don't know if she's the best person, as of now in the current lore, which leads to my second choice. Janna. She's lived for countless centuries, and is an embodiement of hope and compassion, and is probably the second best choice when looking for somebody to talk to, after Karma. She's viewed humanity her entire life, and it's even her purpose to inspire hope and faith in them, probably making her an expert on the human psyche. I feel like, and I know this will probably sound a bit over the top and emotional, but whatever she might tell me would bring me to tears, not out of sadness, but out of comfort.
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