Qiyana feels incredibly underwhelming.

Good teaser, awkward feeling kit for an assassin, came out of nowhere onto the PBE less than like a month after Yuumi's release (don't get me wrong, I miss getting one champ every two weeks but does this mean we won't see the next one for like 4-5 months?). Kit feels like it'll be awkward to use, the ult seems bad since it blasts everyone away from you and will only deal damage if you can knock them into a wall (since the exploding terrain only does its thing after the enemies are blown away from you, so odds are unless they run at you, you're not doing damage (at least it's a good-looking escape tool). The elemental portion of her kit feels hastily tacked on and almost like it was shoehorned ont her because it seemed like a cool idea but the designers didn't know how to implement it properly and thusly you have things like "awkward stealth on her Q spell". At least she got dem thighs tho. --- Also, It looks like she has the opportunity to be a potentially very strong Jungle champion due to how her ganks will work and using her W around "Wall" to quickly run through the Jungle and utilize that bonus AS/AD and River to win River fights + ease of ganking (this also applies to roaming. That champ is going to run at you with a free ranged root getting from her lane to your lane in probably the amount of time it takes Talon to).
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