The real silenced crowd at Riot

Aren't those loud mouths you hear shouting on twitter, being disrespectful to the community, forcing their beliefs on everyone, and labeling everyone as privileged cis-white-male. It's those that haven't spoke up because they're afraid to lose their jobs. I am almost certain that there are more Riot employees who haven't spoke up that ARE against these kind of mindsets. They are the true silenced crowd, not this minority females. You may not like the truth, but the truth is... Riot employees like those who leaked their chats, are the ones who are against DZK, haven't really spoken up because they are afraid. They if they do speak up, they're going against their colleagues and have the threat of being look down upon and being kicked out of the work place. The sad truth is that, these Riot employees who are against these kind of mindsets need to stand up and start speaking out. You guys.girls out-number the loud mouths.
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